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Players Hall of Shame E-mail suggestions to be added to this page using this link

Here we will expose those players guilty of behaviour that tarnishes the reputation of our club

To spare your blushes we will change or withhold identities, but


- Who goes out on a club night out, picks up a bloke in the first
pub and then insist he accompanies her the rest of the night ??

- Who on a recent trip, thought she was in Australia and spent the night sleeping on her head in a corridor, instead of the bed provided ??

- Who takes pre-season so seriously that he is out cross-country training, taking in routes from Moy to Cookstown.
(Bad news for him, he still won't have a place on the team !!!)

- Who has a part-time job as a bunny girl,
this one's too good to miss, so click on the rabbit to reveal all !!!! )
......................................... Guess Who